Ultimate Standards of Excellence


Our office is neat and tidy, with all the tools to succeed.

Our office is organized to ensure success when we are not there.

We know our competitors because we study them.

We know the true meaning of Team.

We build and support our Community Team.

We know the cost of our Models, Sales Office, and other tools.

We value and demonstrate our Model Homes.

We know and appreciate the cost of each Prospect.

We track our Marketing and provide feedback for our Team.

We invest in our Professional growth.

We invest in our Spiritual growth.

We strive for Life balance.

We share information, skills, and lessons, not gossip.

We ask for the order everytime.

We like our builders, our buyers, and ourselves to win everytime.

We respect and provide excellent Customer Service to all.

We practice the Platinum Rule, treating others the way they’d like to be treated, rather than how we would like to be treated.

They matter more!

We create Raving Fans.