What We Do

UNHS Provides Sales and Marketing Services to Help Banks and Investor Groups with Builder/Developer REO’s and Non-performing Assets

Since the downturn in the marketplace, Ultimate has had the opportunity to be of service to banks and investor groups by helping them to market and sell their builder/developer REO’s and underperforming assets.

Ultimate New Home Sales and Marketing, Inc has been a trusted professional resource for over twenty years, we have worked through two prior serious market downturns. Because we are no stranger to challenging markets, we have learned the skills necessary to help our clients survive and even prosper through difficult times.

As a full-service marketing and brokerage firm, our specialists can maximize the value of our client’s real estate assets. Our extensive experience working with underperforming properties gives us the ability to accurately evaluate and respond to any issue which may affect the property, and formulate the best possible sales/marketing strategies.

We do not believe that it is all doom and gloom in the marketplace. Many people still need a new home and sales are there to be made. However, in order to achieve sales success during these times, you must have three things:

Your sales people must be well trained and disciplined. Ultimate provides its sales teams with the strongest sales training program in the new home sales industry. Even during the height of the most recent seller’s market, we looked ahead and went to the expense of training our team to sell in a buyer’s market! So as the market changes, Ultimate stands ready with an enthusiastic team of master closers prepared for the challenges of today’s market. Ultimate is making sales while others fail.

You must have accurate market research. Your pricing must be right, and you must be building the right product type. Ultimate provides a crack market research team so that you know that you have the correct answers for today’s (and tomorrow’s) market. The information you are provided will always be up-to-date, and is prepared in the field by our forensic market research analysts.

Your sales management must be proactive. Our battle-tested management team of industry veterans have sold and prospered through prior down markets. We know what needs to be done to perform in today’s market.

All of us at Ultimate have a deep passion for this industry, and we look forward to sharing our excitement, enthusiasm and commitment to this business with you.